Adrien Brody is not trying to compete with Arnold Schwarzenegger on 'Predators'.

The actor - who plays Royce in the remake of the 1987 movie - says he is not trying to look similar to the Austrian bodybuilder, who played lead character Dutch in the original sci-fi film.

He said: "We're making a very different movie, but there's always going to be some expectation, especially because of Schwarzenegger making the original 'Predator' and being such a bodybuilder. It's a very different... You know, I'm not trying to do anything like that.

"I feel like, in any role that I play, it's important to look the part, but also within a movie like this, you know, there's a playfulness that has to come with it, and I think that it's a balancing act."

Adrien admits the project - which tells the tale of an elite group of warriors hunted by an alien race - has The Feeling of the 'Alien' films but looks different from other films in the sci-fi genre because of the huge scope of the sets.

He told "It's reminiscent of 'Alien' and all these kind of movies that I love and the feel is very kind of foreboding and spooky. So if we can create a world, which, you know, with the help of the art director and the DP, and our DP is phenomenal, and when we shot the jungle sequences, you didn't see any of that, that's just epic jungle. I've never seen anything like it. And I've travelled a lot. The scale and scope of the jungle we were in was just mind blowing.

'Preadators' is due for release in the UK on July 22.