OSCAR winner Adrien Brody was sworn to secrecy when he signed up for M NIGHT SHYAMALAN's new thriller THE VILLAGE - the director only wanted people in the film to read the script.

The Sixth Sense movie-maker wouldn't discuss plot and storylines with THE PIANO star when he initially signed up to play the role of a mentally-challenged outcast in the period movie - and Brody admits it was a struggle keeping details of the film to himself.

Brody says, "Night swore me to secrecy. I think Night even hesitated letting me see the script if I wasn't going to be in the movie.

"He made me promise not to show the script to anyone including my representatives, so my agents didn't read the script. I've been loyal to that. None of my friends or my family have seen it and even the research I've done for my character, I've done on my own."

20/07/2004 09:15