Set insiders on Adrien Brody's new movie The Jacket have expressed their concern a KU KLUX CLAN member was allowed to appear in the film - even though he was open about his sick past.

James Mitchell appears as an inmate in a mental asylum in the movie after appearing at open castings - and was allowed to star alongside Brody, who is part-Jewish, even though he was open about his past as a racist, thief and drug dealer, according to Scottish newspaper THE DAILY RECORD.

One set insider says, "If this is not a security risk, I don't know what is. The staff were not to know what this guy when they hired him. But it seems foolhardy in the least to have kept him around when they found out.

"He plays an inmate at the asylum for the criminally insane where the film is set. He was in one significant scene with Kris Kristofferson and Adrien.

"It seems more than ironic that someone who says he has served time in a high-security hospital is playing an inmate of an asylum.

"It is also quite interesting that Adrien Brody should be photographed next to Mitchell, who says he has had such a colourful past in the KKK."

23/02/2004 02:09