OSCAR-winner Adrien Brody has already started tasting the curse of fame - he can no longer observe people in the street.

THE PIANIST star fears his new-found fame could actually wreck his career - because his past anonymity has helped him to develop the characters he plays.

He explains, "Anonymity is something I've used my entire life taking trains in New York, absorbing life. That's how I began acting. It has become much harder for that to exist.

"I was in Miami recently and there was this wonderful old homeless woman with a cart filled with garbage walking down the street.

"I tried to give her money and she wouldn't take the money. She obviously didn't recognise me. I was four feet from her, right behind her, just watching her, amazed, and here come two people who loved me in the movie and started chatting to me and pulled me out of it.

"I thought of anonymity in that moment: 'Oh no, this is gone. It's done. It's harder to have.'"