The childhood pal Adrien Brody name-checked in his 2002 Oscars acceptance speech has been injured in Iraq.

The actor turned Tommy Zarobinski (corr) into an overnight celebrity when he paid tribute to the soldier after claiming the Best Actor prize for his role in The Pianist.

Zarobinski and his family were interviewed by newspapers, magazines and TV networks in the days following Brody's OSCAR win, but now the actor's brave pal is back home in New York after suffering a neck injury.

Brody explains, "There was this explosion, and he was under a fuel truck or something, and he hurt himself. But he's all right. He made it back, and he's working. It could have been much worse."

The movie star still claims that mentioning his old pal at the ACADEMY AWARDS was one of the best things he's ever done.

He adds, "I'm amazed that I had the presence of mind to express what I felt... Tommy is old school. He is one of my original good friends. He's had my back for a long time."

15/03/2005 03:13