OSCAR-winning actor Adrien Brody is eager to shower his parents with lavish gifts since his movie success - but they're refusing his gestures.

Brody picked up the coveted best actor ACADEMY AWARD last year (03) for his efforts in The Pianist and has since been able to command a higher pay-cheque for his work.

But while his parents - lauded New York photographer SYLVIA PLACHY and retired teacher ELLIOT BRODY - are happy for his success, they don't want to be showered with extravagant gifts.

At one point, Brody had planned on buying his mother a loft in Manhattan's Soho area and a country house for his dad - but they both refused.

Brody says, "My parents are not very materialistic. They don't want the things I've offered them. They're content with the right things."

21/07/2004 21:33