Actor Adrien Brody has received a pat on the back for his impromptu and passionate kiss with Halle Berry at the OSCARS - from his ex-girlfriend.

Brody, who was the surprise best actor winner on 23 March (03) for his efforts in Holocaust drama The Pianist, thrilled audiences when he grabbed beautiful Berry and shared a six-second smooch with her onstage at the Hollywood ceremony.

And Brody's former belle SKY NELLOR, a model and club DJ who shares the actor's love for hip-hop music, says his actions were just a typical example of his spontaneous personality.

She says of her close pal, "That is the Adrien I know. Sensitive and sincere. That passion just came out of him.

"There was Jack Nicholson and Nicolas Cage all going, 'Damn, I wish that was me. You go boy!'

"He's on another level now."