OSCAR-winning actor Adrien Brody left a New York woman fuming over his driving skills after a minor car collision.

HEIDI HONG claims she was driving along the city's Delancey Street when her vehicle and the star's crashed.

She says, "I saw this big SUV on my left and the next thing I knew he was trying to switch lanes but we ended up colliding instead."

She claims they both pulled over, before Brody jumped out and snapped, "Didn't you see me? Why didn't you make room for me?"

By then Hong had already decided to call the police, even though the actor suggested they just "exchange numbers and get out of the traffic".

And she was not amused when police finally arrived and informed her of Brody's celebrity status. She adds, "I just said, 'It doesn't matter to me. He's still in an accident.'"

13/10/2003 17:01