LATEST: Actor Adrien Brody was so distraught after his pet Chihuahua CEELO VICIOUS urinated all over William Hurt, he tried to ease the situation by cracking jokes about it.

OSCAR-winning screen star Brody recently received his 14-month-old pooch as a gift from girlfriend MICHELLE DUPONT, but when he introduced Hurt to his four-legged friend as they promoted their new movie The Village, Brody was taken aback by the little surprise his pet decided to leave behind.

He says, "Poor William! We're in the middle of a junket and there's a million interviewers. We had a half-an-hour break and I had my little dog there, Ceelo.

"Ceelo got on William's lap and was either very comfortable or very uncomfortable and proceeded to take the biggest p*** I've ever seen him take - right on his lap!

"I tried to diffuse the situation. I said, 'You know, it's really strange. He's never done that before. I think they usually only go where someone's gone before!' I don't think that helped the situation.

"But he was great. He had lunch with us in his underwear. He took it like a man and laughed it off. I appreciate him not swatting my dog off the 50th floor."

30/07/2004 19:47