American actor Adrien Brody is overwhelmed with the endless attention he's now paid since winning an OSCAR.

The New York native surprised spectators when he scooped the coveted Best Actor ACADEMY AWARD for his efforts in The Pianist in March (03), and has since fallen victim to the constant media glare which comes with life as an A-list celebrity.

At the recent Cannes Film Festival in France, reports swirled that he was dating Nicole Kidman after he attended the premiere of her new film DOGVILLE, which Kidman denies.

Brody says, "People were just pushing it a little bit too far. It's fine. It's to be expected. It's just a little more extreme than it was."

But the rumours were just a nuisance compared to the demand for his time from fans, reporters and paparazzi.

He adds, "It becomes constantly. But it's a good thing too."

28/05/2003 02:02