OSCAR-winner Adrien Brody went to extreme lengths to stay in character during filming for THE JACKET - he spent every day isolated in a haunted Scottish mental asylum.

THE PIANIST star quickly got to grips with the challenging role which sees him playing a disturbed soldier trying to come to terms with horrific visions of his own death.

The 31-year-old says, "Rather than being pulled out of my state of mind, I just preferred to exist like that and wait. It helped. I found a sensory deprivation chamber and spent hours and hours in an isolation tank."

Brody reveals the location of the film - a former mental hospital - also helped him get into character.

He explains, "The set was very different, because we were shooting in Scotland in a former mental hospital that seemed to have retained the energy and the residue of its previous inhabitants.

"It has been converted to a housing development, but a fraction of it still exists as a functioning mental institution.

"Part of it has been boarded up and sealed off... and an exorcist has come several times. Apparently, something very bad happened there."

15/03/2005 09:13