Oscar winner Adrien Brody discovered knowing Peter Jackson gets you out of all sorts of trouble in the director's native New Zealand after he was stopped at customs for 'smuggling' breath mints into the country.

THE PIANIST star was bringing the movie-maker his favourite menthol treats from America when customs officers decided to search his luggage.

Brody recalls, "As a marketing gimmick for the thriller I did, The Jacket, they made up caffeinated breath mints in prescription pill bottles. I gave Peter some and he loved them.

"I had to go home to do press for The Jacket. So when I came back to New Zealand, I brought a huge bag of those mints, like a thousand pills. I got pulled aside in customs.

"The woman looked like she was having a fit, and I knew what they were questioning me about. She called the supervisor over and they asked me what it was and I said, 'It's breath mints for Peter Jackson,' and they just let me straight through.

"It could have been a thousand hits of Ecstasy, but since it was for Peter Jackson, they let me right in."