The brave soldier Adrien Brody paid tribute to at last week's (23MAR03) OSCARS has finally learned of his pal's touching words in the Iraqi desert.

The Best Actor OSCAR winner had some chosen words for pal Tommy Zarobinski at the Academy Awards, and explained afterwards that he hoped the soldier hero saw his tribute.

And now Zarobinski, an army specialist in America's 773rd Transportation Company, has fired back a thanks to his old pal - after he was told about Brody's comments.

The soldier says, "My sergeant called me into his office and I was thinking, `What did I do wrong?' He said, `Who do you know in Hollywood? The press wants to talk to you because apparently somebody mentioned your name at the Academy Awards.'

"I knew it had to be Adrien. I'd like to congratulate him and thanks, man, for looking out for me in your shining time.

"He'll always be there for me and I'll always be there for him. I'm still dumbfounded and filled with awe."

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