Actor Adrien Brody's coveted OSCAR statuette has completely changed his life - he's now gets all kind of movie star perks.

Since Brody won the BEST ACTOR award for his performance in The Pianist earlier this year (03), the Hollywood hunk now receives mountains of scripts and is recognised wherever he goes - which contrasts sharply to his sedate life before the acclaimed movie.

Adrien, 30, says, "When I go out, I can't go more than two steps without saying hello to a complete stranger.

"I go to the studio and not only do I have a drive-on, but the guard says, 'How are you doing, Mr Brody? Let me get this for you.'

"Not long ago, I'd pull up and they didn't have me on any list. They would have to call the office and check my ID."

01/08/2003 17:29