Adrien Brody was embarrassingly turned away from a Cannes Film Festival party this weekend (17MAY03) - despite just winning a Best Actor OSCAR.

THE PIANO star tried to jump the queue at a hot showbiz party at designer Pierre Cardin's house in Cannes, France - only to find that nobody recognised him.

The New York native turned up at the villa at 1.30am on Saturday night (17MAY03) and asked the bouncer at the front of the line, "I'm Adrien Brody, can I come in?"

A source tells British tabloid THE DAILY MIRROR, "The doorman got on his walkie-talkie and said, 'Adrien Brody is here'. The man at the other end said, 'Who the f*** is Adrien Brody?'

"Adrien was mortified and went to the end of the queue. But then organisers realised who he was and welcomed him in. He went in but spent five minutes shouting into his mobile before storming out."

19/05/2003 13:25