Adrien Brody is suing to stop the release of Italian horror film 'Giallo'.

The 'Predators' actor is attempting to halt the release of the movie, directed by Dairo Argento, on DVD by claiming producers lied to him in order to keep him on the set of the film.

Brody alleges he signed a pay or play deal to star in the film, but after a week in production he discovered the film was underfunded and producers had failed to pay $640,000 into an escrow account - an arrangement where a third party receives and pays out money.

To stop him walking, Brody was told the film had new guaranteed funding lined up from the $2 million sale of distribution rights in Italy.

He alleges producers then asked him to sign an agreement allowing him to act and defer the $640,000 in exchange for having the "absolute right to withhold consent to use his likeness" in the project until he was paid, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The lawsuit filed in Californian federal court claims Brody was never paid and the story about new funding was "phony".

When the 37-year-old Oscar winner tried to halt the picture, he was ignored by producers and told he would never be paid.

He is now seeking a permanent injunction on the film as well as the $640,000 he is owed in addition to £2 million for breach of contract and fraud.

'Giallo' - which was never released in US cinemas - tells the tale of a woman who fears her sister has been kidnapped by a sadistic killer known as Yellow.