Adrianne Curry, the first winner of reality show 'America's Next Top Model', was thrown out of Comic-Con for wearing an outfit deemed too revealing for the event. Curry had donned an 'Aeon Flux' costume for her signing on Saturday (25th July 2011) but was asked to leave by security staff on the door, according to the Hollywood Reporter.
As thousands of comic book fans descended on the annual convention in their own unique outfits, the model was turned away because it was thought her costume could cause offence. The Playboy cover girl tweeted, "Just got stopped by a ton of costume is illegal...the butt", adding, "If u want to see my aeon flux come now, cause the cops are on my ass". Adrianne was allowed to complete her signing but was asked to change into a more appropriate outfit for the remainder of the convention. She later joked with followers, "Apparently the San Diego police are unfamiliar with a screen accurate version of Aeon Flux". The model's costume was similar to 'Aeon Flux's' outfit in the animated television series that first aired on MTV in the early 90's. The leather clad secret agent was played by Charlize Theron in the 2005 movie adaptation.
No stranger to controversy, Adrianne Curry often causes a stir by posting racy pictures on her Twitter profile.