Elyse Taylor says modelling is "not as easy and glamorous" as people think.

While the gorgeous Victoria's Secret model loves her job, she thinks it takes real skill and dedication and gets annoyed when people deride her occupation as easy.

She said: "For me, a successful model needs to be patient, dedicated and really love what they do. I don't think you can truly be successful at something if you're not passionate about it. Modelling is not as easy and glamorous as I think some make it out to be. It's actually a lot of hard work, dedication, emotional balance, and strong will. There's so much that's out of your control as a model and it really requires a great deal of strength and determination to make it. Well, that and a fair bit of luck."

However Elyse admitted there are many "fun" aspects to her job, including the Victoria's Secret shows where she gets the chance to catch up with her model friends including Adriana Lima.

She told Vogue.co.uk: "I guess the best thing about Victoria's Secret is being a part of a family that really enjoys what they do.

"Doing the Victoria's Secret show was fun and exciting. It's a bit like being at an extravagant concert, except with all the energy and Madness of a fashion show. The only downside is that it goes by too quickly!

"You can't help but feel a bit pampered when you're back there with all The Hair, makeup and tanning! I've worked with Adriana on the Victoria's Secret shoots before and she's very funny and sweet. Gisele worked with Victoria's Secret before my time, but she is an incredibly talented model."