Adriana Lima goes boxing to keep fit.

The Brazilian model - who trains with fitness instructor Michael Olajide Jr. - is stimulated by the sport as she finds it both physically and mentally challenging.

She said: ''I've been doing boxing for many years - over ten years!

''I came here to New York and I met Michael, and we started working out, and it's become a passion of mine really. I found this workout because I'm really an energetic person.

''I love challenges, I love intensity and I also like to challenge my mind ... You use a lot of concentration; it's really mental.''

The brunette beauty was inspired to take up boxing at a young age after she saw the iconic red gloves.

She told ''The first time I heard of boxing I was about nine years old. My mum had a girlfriend that boxed, and I remember she came in the house with her red gloves and I thought, 'Wow, those are really really cool!' And I was like,'One day I'm going to try that'.''