Adriana Lima feels like the ''grandmother'' of the Victoria's Secret models.

The 32-year-old Brazilian beauty is the brand's longest-serving Angel, having walked in her first show for the lingerie giant aged 18, and feels protective towards the younger girls in the ''family'' of elite models who are handpicked to take part in Victoria's Secret's annual catwalk extravaganza.

She joked to the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''I'm the grandmother of the family! Every year[the show] gets bigger and better. It's a real family - we all watch the show played back to us at the end, in the pink room backstage, all the girls together. It is such an experience, we work so hard, so it feels great to watch it again.''

Adriana, who has walked in a total of 13 shows, opened five, and been chosen to wear coveted Fantasy Bra twice, says being a part of the televised show gives her the same kind of adrenaline rush as a performer.

She explained: ''It's not like a normal catwalk show - it's a real performance. I feel like I get to really show my real self, have fun, show a side of me that doesn't always come out.

''I am normally very quiet. But we are not pretending. All the girls feel the same - it makes us feel so special.''

The stunning brunette also revealed the models are given unlimited access to the lingerie, as well as creative input into their catwalk outfits.

Adriana said:''I'm very lucky because I can go into the store and get what I want ... I love push-up bras, they're so sexy, so I always ask the designers for those.''