ENTOURAGE star Adrian Grenier has chronicled his search for the dad he never knew in a new Father's Day documentary. The actor made the film, A Shot In The Dark, with pal Jonathan Davidson back in 2001 when he reconnected with his father, who he had been estranged from for almost 20 years. The heart-warming documentary follows Grenier, before he shot to fame as the star of Entourage, as he searched for the father he last saw when he was six. In the film, Grenier's father, John Dunbar, explains that he walked away from his responsibilities as a father when he realised his girlfriend, the actor's mother, didn't want her in his life. Grenier stayed in touch with Dunbar's parents, his grandparents, and used that bond to help him reconnect with his father. He says, "My grandmother sent me cards and because of her, I felt connected. And I always thought about my dad." Father and son made a proper connection of Father's Day, 2001 by phone - and they've become close ever since. Grenier says, "My father makes me feel safe and complete. Maybe I can do that for a child someday."