ENTOURAGE star Adrian Grenier has a newfound respect for the paparazzi - after befriending a teenage snapper and filming his life chasing celebrities for a new documentary.
The actor was inspired to make Teenage Paparazzo after encountering 14-year-old Austin Visschedyk during a night out - and he decided to turn the tables on the teen by making his life the subject of his documentary.
Grenier insists getting to know Visschedyk gave him a better understanding of the people behind the cameras.
He tells the Sydney Morning Herald, "What I recognised was that standing out there in the street, looking at the paparazzi, my instinct is to judge them and reject them. But then I saw that I didn't really understand them as human beings and I didn't understand what was driving what they did...
"I believe that gossip is fundamental to the human condition. We need to project ideas, and we use other people to embody those ideas. They help us to shape who we are and what we choose to reject or imitate."
Grenier also recruited A-list pals including Paris Hilton, Alec Baldwin, Matt Damon and Lindsay Lohan to appear onscreen to discuss Hollywood snappers - and has no regrets about using his connections for the project.
He adds, "It's a luxury I have, an advantage and by golly it's my right to exploit it."