New 24 star Adoni Maropis relished playing a freedom fighter in the upcoming sixth season of the tense drama after recalling how his father forgave the terrorists who almost killed him. The HIDALGO star's father, a native of Crete, was caught up in a terrorist attack at Athens airport in Greece during a trip home when Maropis was just a child in the early 1970s. And Maropis used his father's recollection of the day he almost died to shape the character of 24 agent Jack Bauer's latest adversary ABU FAYED. Maropis says, "Thank God he saw this thing flying in the air and thought it was a football. (It) hit him in the knee, bounced a couple yards away (and) exploded. "He had a shaving kit that had a metal like ashtray, like an antique that would save his life, supposedly. The person in front of him died immediately and my dad survived. He said... it seemed like they were aiming at him. They brought out machine guns. They were shooting down everybody. "I hated these people, the PLO, the Palestine Liberation Organization. But my dad said to me, he understood their plight and he understood where they were coming from. "I was a little kid and I said, 'Wow, my dad got shot up and he understood the plight of these people that were after him... That just always affected me."