A new German film detailing the life of Adolf Hitler has broken new ground in the country by lampooning the former leader. MEIN FUEHRER: THE TRULY TRUEST TRUTH ABOUT ADOLF HITLER depicts him playing with toy battleships in his bath and dressing his dog in a Nazi uniform. Director DANI LEVY explains the comic approach to Hitler was not meant to trivialise the horrific events of World War II, but rather help viewers re-evaluate the atrocities. He says, "I had the feeling that I must do it with another genre, do it by being able to exaggerate through comedy. "I think it is important that we create new pictures of our own, also of the Holocaust or Nazism, and not always work off the old, realistic pictures, because I think that just makes us lazy and tired, and we don't learn anything from it." The movie opens in cinemas in Germany later this month (11JAN07).