A new movie portraying German Dictator Adolf Hitler as a compassionate protagonist has sparked outrage at its Berlin premiere.

THE DOWNFALL investigates the days leading up to Hitler's suicide and has caused controversy in a country still dealing with the atrocities of World War Two, by neglecting his cruelty and focusing on his human side.

DR ROLF GIESEN, from the Film Museum in Berlin, says, "It is not the first time that they have shown Adolf Hitler on the screen, but it is certainly the first time that they have tried to discover the human touch in that monster.

"It is aimed at the generation who did not know about the terrors of World War II and national socialism. We have just seen Mel Gibson's PASSION OF THE CHRIST, now we have the PASSION OF ADOLF HITLER."

Art historian ISABEL MARSCHALL says, "I had very strong emotional reactions to the film. For me it was a little like a nightmare I couldn't get out of."

24/08/2004 17:14