Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje did an intense four-week boot camp to prepare for 'Pompeii'.

The actor, who stars alongside 'Games of Thrones' star Kit Harington and 'Sleeping Beauty' star Emily Browning in the forthcoming film, was dedicated to getting into shape for the role so him hit the gym hard and watched what he ate to ensure he could live up to the expectation of being a gladiator.

Asked how he got in shape, he told website ''Boot camp. Gladiator boot camp; four weeks prior to the beginning of the movie. You enrol in that as part of the process. When you and the audience hear the world 'gladiator' you have your expectations, and we have to deliver. ''

The intense workout sessions lasted four hours a day and included swordfighting training.

He added: ''To do that, we had to go to gladiator boot camp, which consisted of four hours working out a day, two hours of swordsmanship, an hour of weightlifting, an hour of cardio... Coupled with this 1,800 calorie diet. That is what got us in that Adonis-like shape. There are no ifs, buts, ands or maybes about it, that's what you have to do!''