There's been rumours that Adele and Simon Konecki were possibly going to announce an engagement in light of the news that the multi-million selling artist was pregnant for the first time. However, they might have got even further than that, with suggestions by the Daily Star that the pair have already gotten married - exciting times in the Adele household!
The alleged wedding is apparently because the star is far further ahead in the pregnancy than the three month scan everybody assumed she'd had when announcing the news, with some suspecting she could be as far gone as seven months, with the child due in September.
Thankfully, the Star have found a source to provide us all with the latest gossip. "Adele has barely left the house in recent months. She's been living like a hermit" they say, adding "She wanted to keep this to herself for as long as possible." Continuing, the source commented that there were plenty of other reasons to suspect that the baby was much nearer than expecting, commenting "Adele stopped exercising a few months ago and since then it's all been about the baby. Adele can't believe everything has worked out so well for her. She's rich, talented and expecting a baby with a man she truly loves." It sure has, well done you, Adele.