As Adele was cut-off mid acceptance speech at the Brit Awards last night, you could almost hear the gnashing of teeth as angry keyboard warriors took to Twitter to express their dismay that a star who'd gone across to the States and taken six Grammy Awards should come back to her home land and be denied the chance to celebrate fully. Among those angrily frothing at the moment whilst hammering out thunderous damnings in 140 characters included rather a few celebrities, according to the UK's Daily Mirror.
Lily Allen led the way with the fury, Tweeting to her followers "I'd rather hear adeles acceptance speech. I can't say I'm surprised. It was like the music industry's attitude to women played out as a metaphor," whilst the normally level-headed Philip Schofield was similarly unimpressed, writing "Thanks guys, love you, but can Adele come back and finish her speech now. Really!!! I'm sure tonight it could have been News at 5 past 10 nevercutoffAdele." Shock comedian Frankie Boyle meanwhile decided to put in a typically off-colour remark, quipping "Corden must regret the Brits. By cutting off Adele he looked like a fat, tactless moron. Who needs publicity like that? Well, Mathew Horne."
What of Corden himself, however? Looking distraught at being told to do the deed, he later took to Twitter to express his feelings on the matter; "It was a great night. Can't believe i was told to cut off the amazing Adele at the end. Livetvnightmare" said the star.