Adele is set to take the stage at the Grammy Awards this week for her first performance since she underwent surgery on her vocal cords last year. The haemorrhage that she suffered on her vocal cords disrupted a planned US tour last year but it hasn't stopped the London-based singer from dominating the US charts for the last 12 months and her sophomore album is widely considered 'the one to beat' at this year's awards.
Her live performance will be welcomed with anticipation, given the weight of pressure on the singer, not only to live up to the phenomenal sales records that she has set but also to assure her fans that her recent surgical procedure has not done more damage than good to her voice. It may have been twelve months ago but the world still remembers the heart-breaking performance that she gave at last year's Brit awards ceremony in England. Set against a starry backdrop, with camera bulbs flashing in the distance, it became one of Adele's most iconic performances to date. With 21 at the top of the Billboard chart for 18 weeks now, the young singer has a lot to live up to, especially with the New York Times branding this year's awards as "a race for second behind Adele."
Also performing at the awards ceremony, which takes place on February 12, 2012, will be Foo Fighters, Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift. And, a surprise to many, Rihanna and Chris Brown will both be performing live at the event as well, despite the assault charges that were brought against Chris Brown for assaulting his former partner Rihanna, forcing both artists to withdraw from the event in 2009.