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Who the heck is Adele???

Posted 3 years 11 months ago by Dalisay Panganiban

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we the fans of Michael congratulate hr .But Mj\J is MJ. Nothing can change his History.Love u moor.

Posted 5 years 7 months ago by rosemary moly gomes

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I maybe a Jackson fan, I have been since Michael was in the Jackson 5 and for life. But I only speak for me, not Everyone else. As I mentioned before, I'm putting down Adele, Congrats for her! And her achievement, I'm not here to disgrace or disrespect of those people who like her music.I personally not into her music, but it is everyone's choice and taste of their own music. And not discredit on either Adele or Michael. But put me in the same boat as being JEALOUS?! Hardly ever. Why become jealous of her, there is no need to be, Or threaten by this. Oh please. Facts are facts. Michael is the first and (so far) has the title as World's Records for the biggest selling album of All time. A lifetime achievement of success and will be still be the Greatest Entertainer of All Time. MJ is the pioneer and revolutionize the music industry, and help made The "Real" MTV in the 80's, 90's into a big success.Not the reality crap of today's. Should I say more? Besides the numbers are only in Britain's Charts Michael Jackson is a Music Icon, and a Multi. -Grammy Legend, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Twice. It takes a lot more to than breaking another Artists past records to become a World Superstar Icons for life and a Permanent Music Legend in history. More than just a Great voice to become a Superstar regardless how great the "Voice" is. For who puts Jackson such (as the Blue-eye) below, continue to put down MJ, and use terms as Wacko, and saying he is a freak and so forth. There is no Freakish behavior on my part. Again the negative.Stereo-typing or generalizing certain fans in a negative way on here, is just another narrow-mind by hate and fuel of ignorance and stupidity of an open mouth of hatred. I don't hate Adele, but I'm not into her music, it is not a crime to open express something in comments. You either agree or disagree with me. I really don't care. And me jealous of her is a complete Joke. I'm proud to be a permanent fan/ love for Michael Jackson, and not ashamed of it nor feel threaten by this ,just because of today's artists is able to break a record with two years since the album went out in 1 countries music sales. While Thriller broke all records world wide in the 1st year since being release in the 80's big difference in facts . Praise for Adele for achievement. If I see this BBW sing and dance out her songs like MJ, then I will turn heads and get over excited. But this is achievement is nothing compared to anything Michael has done in the music business for 3 decades. And still going strong world wide. Michael Jackson is one of a permanent World's Superstar Icon. I don't see Adele in a Circus Del Sole show or in a lot of international promotions or concert sell outs too. Money also got from concerts too not just internet sales. All overrated for nothing, Another Female Justin Bieber. Even his sister Janet Jackson surpasses Adele by a long shot in achievements. So please spare me your negative put downs and label all Jackson's Fans the same as you claim. It is not true. If Michael were alive, he would probability congrats on her, surpassing his records in Britain's music sales . Because it is respectful and non-basis. and learn to love those who have the talent to become stars. I don't love Adele, but I also do not put down those fans that love her. I want to say that "NO one is ever talented, or Star stuck as Michael Jackson, No one Artist in today's or in the future can ever replace or compared to Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson has set himself in Music History for life, that no one can ever do what he did in the last 3 decades or generations. Michael had not only the Talent, voice, and ability to entertained people world wide, same as Elvis Presley or the Beatles, Each to their own. But there is one thing that Adele cannot ever do , is bring the excitement of music & magic to all ages and all across the world (Global) Adele is a great singer, but not a world music Icon.

Posted 5 years 7 months ago by Jason Gunderson

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Who's jealous? And why do Jacko fans use that old excuse (that or hater/troll) every time someone achieves something? That's more like YOUR show of jealousy. You don't like that there are talented people around. Well there were very talented people around before and since Wacko. More talented and successful in cases. And I suppose that's me being jealous for being able to recognise that. How about this. For today's market and free pirate downloading, she's made a very substantial sales tally just in the UK. I would also like to know what her other sales figures are. But hey, that would make me way too jealous to think that she's being so successful. Jakco fans get a grip of yourselves. His freakish bevaiour is rubbing off on you all. And get the blinkers off while your at it. Jacko's reputation was in tatters because of his sordid life. No amount of dancing will ever redeem him from that and no amount of rabid fans and their excuses will change it either. Be aware that he is considered far from ideal and your defense of him is seen as approval of his behaviour which makes you questionable also. Sheesh this over someone selling records and jacko's fans just being unacceptable to anyone.

Posted 5 years 7 months ago by blue eyed

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I don't see why someone should be jealous of Adele frankly....

Posted 5 years 7 months ago by manuel

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Well done Adele. In today's easy world of autotune and lip synced acts it’s nice to see someone who can sing and not rely on enhancements, gimmicks, boobs and bums. Show the rest that having a real voice and being able to use it will always outshine fakery.Jackson fans. You’re not a fan. Fair enough it's your choice. But just because you’re not, does not null and void her, or others, achievements. Especially these days when free downloading is widely available. She has sold well over 4m copies of her album in one market alone so far. Wonder what the worldwide figure is. Again, taking into account that you could probably find a pirate site to download it, it’s quite a nod to her. What other albums from the last decade is in that list? Exactly, none. That's much better than most these days, so, not being a fan does not make it insignificant for today’s environment. Get a life and stop caterwauling every time someone achieves something. It's making you look like jealous and evil little weasels.

Posted 5 years 7 months ago by I ain't kiddin

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Wow considering that people can get their downloads for free this is some achievement. I mean these days you don't need to sell as much to be number one because of priate sites. In fact less then 250,000 to reach number 1. Back in the 60's you had to sell well in excess of 1m to have a hope of getting into the top 5 singles chart, and way way more for albums. So that nearly 4.5m people have paid their cash to own it is actually quite a feat for today. So that figure could be tripled or quadrupled to take into account how many people actually own it illegally, then it's a much more impressive against today's usually low sales figures.Oh Jackson fans. If we had to still 'line up' to own our records, then that's what we'd do because it would be the only way we'd be accustomed. In fact go into HMV any day and see people in line to pay for their purchses. but that's how ALL artists sold their recordings before downloading was available. And Jackson is not the best selling arist overall (pay attention I said OVERALL). That is way out of his reach but you can dream and fool yourselves. Unless you write to the GBoWR to tell them to edit or remove the entry and make it disappear. Yeah choke on that you blinkered fools. And, just because someone can dance does not excuse or eradicate his behaviour as a human being by drugging himself up under the same roof his children lived and played. Shame on him and his selfish needs that were put before his children's needs. The trial sure did confirm many things about him that the world had long suspected. Now defend that as well. Don't bother the rest of the world are not that stupid to believe everything they read on fan sites from said blinkered and brainwashed fans lol Now, rant at will, it's all to our amusement.

Posted 5 years 7 months ago by Mary Poppins

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Well good for her, I ( Yawn) for excitement! Big Deal! Agreed to Ms. Smith, not taking away from her accomplishment, but this is only in British sales, NOT WORLD WIDE I'm getting tired of this media frenzy of people who are trying to beat anything that Michael Jackson has done in HIS LIFE TIME CAREER! I don't listen today's crap music anyway. Has this Adele sing and dance like Michael Jackson?, Evolved the Real MTV. like in the 80's 90's . I don't think so, She didn't come close to what MJ has won in her 1st Grammy awards. I mean no one will ever surpass or ever be "Another " Michael Jackson.Today's people of stars need to quit trying to compare to Michael Jackson, Because there is no comparison PERIOD! In any future lifetime. That is why Michael Jackson Forever imprinted in history the King Of Pop and the Greatest Entertainer of All Time. Furthermore, The Beatles surpass this musician by a long shot. She maybe a great (today's) singer, but she is no way a Global, Superstar Icon as Michael Jackson or the Beatles, Give me a Break. Too much overrated!! Reaction Stupid Frenzy. Another Female Justin Bieber!

Posted 5 years 7 months ago by Jason Gunderson

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Of course Adele, like others, can sell her songs on iTunes or wherever on internet. That's why they can climb so easly the charts. Michael Jackson did not have or needed this kind of help and that's why of course Michael Jackson is always present while these singers go and come. Also, no one can ever be compared to Michael Jackson, no one has his magic and his geniality now like in the future. Citing the New York Times: 'there is Michael Jackson and there is everybody else.'

Posted 5 years 7 months ago by jo98b

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Ms Smith: Agreed. Also, Thriller has sold over 120 million worldwide. When Adele - and I do like her music - gets to even half that, I'll pay attention. There will never be another with the global musical, cultural and social impact of Michael Jackson. Never...

Posted 5 years 7 months ago by corlista

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Not to take away from what she has accomplished but I don't think you can compare anyone to what Michael Jackson did because people don't have to stand it line and buy the full album anymore to get the song they want like they did when his albums came out. If people had to still do that would she have sold as much? There is no way to know. So I wish they would just compare people who are now in the digital age and leave the past because it is now a bygone era.

Posted 5 years 7 months ago by Ms Smith

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