Adele fans may well be delighted at the star's return to live singing, but there must be a twinge of concern that the British singer may be getting rushed back too quickly following throat problem that plagued her through the second part of last year and eventually required surgery, leading to the cancellation of her US tour. Adele will be performing for the first time since then at this weekend's Grammy Awards alongside a host of other stars and all eyes will be on the six-time nominated performer to see how she'll cope.
However, perhaps the best person other than herself to judge the well-being of the singer is the doctor who performed the surgery on her last year, Dr. Steven Zeitels, and he sees no reason why the 'Rolling In The Deep' star shouldn't be in fine fettle this weekend. "It's not too early for Adele to be performing," Zeitels told the Boston Herald, continuing "I couldn't be more pleased with (Adele's) results, she should be singing beautifully for years to come."
The famed doctor, who has also treated the likes of Roger Daltry and Steven Tyler, insisted he wasn't nervous for Adele, commenting "People will look at the ability of Adele to come back, and it will change what they think can be accomplished (with vocal surgery). It's funny, when you do what I do, you are living through your patients, it's like being a parent watching your kid on ball field. But she'll do fine."