Adele was told by her teachers she would never be a success.

The 22-year-old singer - whose first two albums debuted at number one in the UK - constantly had to deal with the "negative attitudes" of those who told her she would be unlikely to achieve her dreams of stardom.

She explained: "I had to bear the brunt of negative attitudes from authority figures, such as teachers, who led me to believe that success was unrealistic.

"So I chose to survive rather than live in a fantasy world."

The 'Rolling in the Deep' hitmaker also admitted while she was never very academic at school, she didn't believe she could have a successful career in the music industry.

Adele added: "I'm not, and never have been, very academic - it was always music for me. I remember when I was 10, I nicked my mum's Lauryn Hill album and listened to it every day after school in my bedroom, sitting on my little sofa bed and hoping to God that one day I'd be a singer.

"But it was never something I purposely pursued. Me and my friends at the time all had dreams and none of theirs were coming true, so I thought, 'Why the hell will mine?' "