Adele would love to have another child.

The 'Hello' hitmaker - who already has three-year-old son Angelo with partner Simon Konecki - is keen to give her little one a sibling and admits Angelo was the reason she took a hiatus from the music industry.

She said: ''I'm still making up for the lack of sleep but he'll have a brother or sister at some point.

''I knew I was going back to work at some point so didn't want there to be any confusion between us. He makes me proud, he's made me ambitious for this album. I want to show him what I managed to blag and pull off.''

Meanwhile, Adele also admitted she regrets penning tracks about her ex-boyfriend.

She said: ''I was so open about what they were about. I hurt people's feelings with that - being so honest.

''[I thought], 'I don't care, you broke my heart.' [But in hindsight], I felt quite bad about that.''

However, the 27-year-old singer insists she has been ''changed completely'' by motherhood and prefers to protect her partner and son through her music now.

Speaking to Graham Norton on 'Adele at the BBC', she said: ''I've got different things going on now. I have a family and I'm a lioness and I want to protect them. Motherhood changed me completely, in every single way possible. Something much bigger than myself happened. I had been craving that, without knowing it.

''There's a lyric in one of my songs about becoming a mum: 'I find it funny that you're the only one I never looked for.' I was yearning for something and I never knew what it was.''