Adele was too nervous to meet the stars of 'Glee'.

The 22-year-old British singer is such a big fan of the US musical drama series, she couldn't bring herself to meet with Amber Riley and Chris Colfer - who play Mercedes and Kurt - when they came to the UK.

She admitted: "I f***ing love 'Glee', love, love, love 'Glee'.

"I was meant to meet Amber and Chris the last time they were in London but I kept saying I was too busy because I was so nervous.

"'Glee' is a really important show actually. It's funny, but it's quite serious as well."

While Adele is a big fan of the show, she is unlikely to want to make a guest appearance after being embarrassed by a previous cameo role in US comedy 'Ugly Betty'.

She explained in an interview with Attitude magazine: "I was such a mug on that show. I wasn't meant to Say Anything because you have to have an actor's visa In America. I was meant to turn up and mime my song but I turned up and they gave me a script and I had to speak as part of the storyline.

"Because I was in America, I put on a fake English accent. I don't know why! Everyone I know was taking the p**s out of me.

"Since then, I've had so many offers for other TV programmes or films, and I'm just like, 'F**k off.' "