Adele has undergone successful throat surgery, which has caused her to cancel dates for the rest of the year. The singer has had a phenomenal 2011 following the release of her second album '21' in January, with it going ten times platinum in the UK for shipments totalling some three million units. If that wasn't impressive enough it also topped the US Billboard Charts, going four times platinum in the process and setting up the 'Rolling In The Deep' singer for a victory lap of a tour around the US in the Summer.
However throat issues caused the 23 year-old to cancel, something she was forced to repeat in the Autumn meaning that Adele hasn't really had the chance to capitalise on her commercial success so far; worse still, some fans were genuinely concerned that she might not recover from any subsequent operation.
However, Bbc news reports that the 23 year-old has now had surgery in Massachusetts General Hospital, undergoing a procedure on her vocal cord to stop bleeding from a benign polyp - something that's usually the result of unstable blood vessels in the vocal cord. Fans can breathe a sigh of relief though as doctors have reportedly said she will make a full physical recovery from the operation.