Soul singer Adele splashed out on a new home when she found fame - but she missed her mum so much, she's bought a bigger property so they can live together.
The Brit's debut album 19 has sold more than two million copies worldwide, and she went on to win two Grammys at this year's (09) ceremony on the back of the record.
She used her new found wealth to buy her first house, but realised she couldn't live without her home comforts - especially her mum.
Adele says, "I bought my own place and moved all my things in but I couldn't get used to not having my mum there. I didn't like it and she missed having me around as well, plus I wasn't very good at all the housework.
"So now I've bought us a bigger place and we are back living together. Now my mum can go back to university and she doesn't have to worry about anything."