23-year-old award-winning popstar Adele admitted she signed with manager Jonathan DICkins because he made a good cup of tea. At London's Music Week Awards, Adele made a guest appearance to hand over the Manager of the Year award to DICkins saying, "We're all really proud of you. Thanks for being a great manager." Her label, XL Recordings, was Label of the Year and one won another three prizes.
Adele signed with DICkins six years ago despite him being the very first manager she had met. "Thank God I did," she says, "Because he's gone on to smash it." The British singer's debut album, 19, was a huge success in both the UK and the US on its release in 2008. She won two Grammy awards in 2009 for it, and a further six in 2012 after releasing her second album, 21.
Adele confirmed earlier this month that she will release a new single this year which will possibly be included on the soundtrack of Skyfall, the upcoming James Bond film.