Soul newcomer Adele has vowed to remain single for the near future - because she doesn't trust men. The 19-year-old Brit admits she has been in love twice before, but fears men are only interested in her because of her newfound fame and wealth. And she insists she would even shun Hollywood star Johnny Depp if he ever approached her. She says, "The strangest thing is I don't like taking people in as friends. I never have. I like my friends to be really close-knit, so I probably won't ever meet a new guy. "A few come up to me now that I am in the public eye and they know I have a bit of money from my record deal, so it is just stupid. I don't trust them or believe them. Even if Johnny Depp came up to me I probably wouldn't believe him. "I don't want a boyfriend because I am going to be away a lot and I'd feel bad if I didn't get to see him. And imagine if the paparazzi took a photo of me walking with another guy. That would be horrible."