How can Adele be at number one in the US Charts again? Surely almost everyone in the United States owns a copy of her ridiculous selling second album '21' by now. It would seem not apparently, and the LP has managed to clamber back to the top of the pile some 17 months after it was first released at the end of January last year. Crazy.
So, what, has the British singer had a 24th wind? Or is there simply a lull in the US charts at the moment? Well, summer is traditionally a quiet period for big new albums, with many of the big hitters waiting until August and September to get their next efforts out - if they have not done so already in the spring (see Madonna). That means that it took '21' a mere 75,000 copies to go to the top of the US Billboard 200 this week, according to Music Week, and it is now behind only five albums in the all-time 'most times at number one' list. Impressive stuff.
It's unlikely Adele will keep a hold of the top spot next week however, with former teen prodigy Usher looking set to go top with what many critics are calling his best album in years, 'Looking 4 Myself' expected to shift 120 to 130,000 copies. Another British wonder-kid, Ed Sheeran, will also be featuring for the first time in the US album charts this weekend with a forecast of some 40,000 sales.