Adele has invested in a £100,000 luxury custom car.

The 'Skyfall' hitmaker - who recently passed her driving test - has bought the Porsche Cayenne and has kept both her own needs and those of her son Angelo.

An insider told the Sunday Mirror: ''Since passing her test, driving has become one of Adele's favourite activities and she loves to cruise around London.

''She could afford to buy any mega-expensive sports car but now she's a mum, safety and reliability are her new priorities. Her car is a 4x4 and extremely safe but it's also slick and luxurious.

''She's decided to treat herself and has joked that it's a Christmas present after she managed to pass her test.''

It is said the singer's vehicle is currently being custom-made in Germany to her exact specifications - and it is ''exactly the same'' as one just ordered by Miley Cyrus.

The source added: ''The cars are custom built based on the owner's individual specifications so Adele has chosen the leather and stitching she prefers.

''She chose a black car because she doesn't want to be noticed and can retain her privacy. Because the cars are custom built, she would have had to have put down a hefty deposit to secure it.

''It is now being built for her in Germany and will be shipped after Christmas with a 2014 number plate ...Adele will be in good company as exactly the same car has been ordered by Miley Cyrus.''