Adele is still ''thrifty''.

The 24-year-old singer - who earns around £41,000 a day from sales of her 2011 album '21' - may have splashed out on a £7 million mansion in West Sussex, South England and £800,000 on a home in London's Notting Hill, but her aunt Anita Adkins insists she hasn't changed with her new-found wealth.

Anita said: ''She hasn't changed with her success, she is who she is. What you see is what you get, the package.

''Apart from a few expensive ballgowns, why would she change because she's earning £41,000 a day.

''She's quite thrifty with her money, she knows not to throw it around. She's not a waster, she wasn't brought up to waste.

''She's got a nice house - course you would have a nice house, that's the first thing you'd buy. But what's the difference between her house and mine? Only it's a bit bigger.''

Anita insists Adele - who has six-month-old son Angelo with partner Simon Konecki - is still treated exactly the same as she always was when she visits family and is expected to do her share of the chores.

She added in an interview with The Sun newspaper: ''She doesn't get any special treatment, of course not. Why would she?

''There's plenty of nieces, nephews and grandchildren in this family so no one gets any special treatment, I can tell you. They're all treated the same.

''Adele comes round and she's still got to go and make her nan a cup of tea.''