Cameron, who shares a father with the star, spoke out about his sadness at being distant from his superstar half-sibling earlier this year (Feb16), prompting Adele to take action.

After the 20-year-old student revealed the pair have barely spoken in two years, Adele got in contact to invite him to her Birmingham concert on Saturday (02Apri16).

"My brother's coming up on Saturday from Llantwit Major (in Wales)," the singer revealed on stage to thousands of U.K. fans gathered at Genting Arena in Birmingham this week (30Mar16).

The Hello singer said she did not have any Welsh dates included as part of her world tour because "there was not much demand".

Cameron, who first met his sister in 2007, may live a normal life in the terraced house he shares with his mother, but he bears an uncanny resemblance to his famous sister.

Despite growing up in different parts of the country with different mothers Adele referred to her rugby-loving sibling as "identical" to herself. “He looks like my twin - same hair and everything," she revealed.,"When you see each other it's as if you've spent every day of your lives together, " she told British newspaper The Scotsman.

Adele is estranged from father Mark Evans, after he walked out when the singer was two. Cameron has admitted his own relationship with his father "just fizzled out."