The soulful Brit admits the success of her 2012 007 tune, which became the first Bond theme to win an Academy Award, will be tough to beat - and therefore she'd rather not try.

"I would never do it again because it went so well and I would never want to jinx it," Adele told The Sun.

And she admits she came close to turning down the opportunity following the success of her 2011 album 21, but she could hear destiny calling.

"I was like, 'Why did I want to ruin things (and record a Bond theme)?'" she recalled. "Then I heard it was (the 23rd Bond film), and I was 23, and it felt a little like fate."

Adele recorded the song and went on to pick up a Grammy and an Oscar for the track.

"Having an Oscar is amazing," she chuckled. "The statue is really heavy and now when anyone comes round my house the first thing they say is not, 'How are you?' It's always, 'Can I see your Oscar?'"

Adele is no longer the only Bond theme Oscar recipient - fellow Brit Sam Smith also picked up an Academy Award in February (16) for his hit Writing's on the Wall from last year's (15) Spectre.