Adele almost fell over on stage at her concert in Brisbane, Australia, over the weekend.

The 28-year-old singer hit a ''dodgy note'' after she tripped on her custom-made Zuhair Murad gown, while climbing up some steps on stage and had the audience laughing as she explained what had happened.

According to Daily Mail Australia, Adele said: ''I don't know if you saw, but after you did your sing along to the Hello chorus, I nearly tripped up those stairs did you see me, Oh My God!

''I've never worn a dress like this, I'm basically celebrating 'Beauty and the Beast' coming out... but I forgot to lift it up and tried to run up and nearly fell over.

''I'm sure you heard my dodgy note afterwards, I f*****g s**t myself.''

Adele also joked about the heat in Brisbane, saying: ''I'm sure you're not sweating because you're used to it.

''You also haven't got your face on a 40 foot high screen in front of this many people.''

And she explained that she doesn't use air conditioning because it affects her vocal chords, adding: ''So I'm basically sweating like a pig all day long.''

Meanwhile, Adele recently hit out at those who compared her green Givenchy Grammys gown to that of the animated ogre Fiona from the 'Shrek' film franchise.

She said: ''Before the Grammys I had this dress right, I wore this green dress, everyone said I looked like Fiona from Shrek. I don't f***ing care. It was Givenchy Couture, they can say what they want.

''I worked out. Obviously I'm a large lady and I like eating food very much, but I was working out twice a day to fit into that Givenchy dress because it was quite tight. I was running a very long time to get fit for this but it never worked.''