The 28-year-old singer was about to belt out her hit Rolling in the Deep at the city's ANZ Stadium on Friday (10Mar17) when she reportedly spotted a seriously injured fan who had collapsed.

Video footage shows her telling the 95,000 that she had to stop because "someone got hurt", in order to allow emergency services staff to carry the injured fan out of the stadium on a stretcher.

Adele fan Meg Rylance, who was in the next row to the injured gig goer, told Daily Mail Australia, "She (Adele) stopped the concert and she was like 'I'm so sorry but someone got hurt and I have to check they're OK'. She actually seemed really tearful."

It was also reported that the individual, who was standing close to the stage in a VIP inner circle area, was taken to hospital.

Rylance said that without Adele's swift action to pause the gig, the person in distress may have gone unnoticed.

"We were in the next row and saw at least four cops there, but no one really noticed when it happened until Adele brought it to our attention," the fan said. "It all happened just before Rolling in the Deep."

Adele has been in Australia since the end of last month (Feb17) and has four more gigs in the country before moving on to New Zealand on 23 March (17).

The Hello singer has been on the road for more than a year, with her epic Adele Live tour concluding with four homecoming concerts at London's Wembley Stadium in June and July (17).