The Rolling in the Deep star has always been guarded about her relationship with the charity boss, the father of her young son Angelo, but in a new TV interview with 60 Minutes Australia, she couldn't help but gush about her man.

"Being in such an amazing relationship with someone that's so there for me and so loyal and is really part of my core now, that's what made me write about everything I've ever done, because I've got his love," she says.

"I know that sounds a bit like I'm trying to write a Hollywood movie, but it's only because of him and because of our kid and stuff that I'm all right."

When asked if their four-year romance is the "ultimate love story", Adele, 27, smiles to interviewer Liz Hayes, "I guess it is. I guess it is!"

During the chat, which aired on Sunday (22Nov15), Adele admits Simon "doesn't care" about her type of music, but he is a big fan of her new album, 25.

"That was the real test," she explains. "He cares about me more than anything, but he doesn't care about the style of music that I make and stuff like that and he just loved it."

The singer, known for the break up songs about her ex on her last release, 2011's 21, admits she is a self-confessed "emotional hoarder", but she has drawn inspiration from her steady romance as it's made her less "miserable" in her music - so much so that Simon is "in" a couple of songs on 25.

"Before, I used to really get comfy in that area of despair," she says. "But I realised how much junk there was - memories I was holding onto, and memories are wonderful, but a lot of them I don't need to hold onto."

"I'm a mum, I'm a girlfriend, I'm a friend, and stuff like that," she continues. "I'm ready to go into the complete new chapter of my life... I've grown up."