British soul star Adele has credited Sarah Palin with boosting her fan base in America thanks to a ratings-winning appearance on Saturday Night Live.
The singer performed on a 2008 episode of the comedy sketch show, which also featured a hotly-anticipated appearance by the Republican vice-presidential candidate.
Palin's guest slot, which came after Tina Fey famously poked fun at her on the show, gave Saturday Night Live its highest viewing figures in 14 years and Adele is convinced the ratings kick-started her career in the U.S.
She tells Attitude magazine, "Sarah Palin made my career by coming on that show."
Fey also appeared on the show with Palin and Adele, and the singer admits she struggled to tell the two apart. She adds, "I saw the back of Sarah Palin, and I thought it was Tina Fey, and I f**king love Tina Fey, and I was (saying), 'Tina, Tina'. She didn't even acknowledge me, she was just completely oblivious."