British soul star Adele has urged her fellow singers to stop worrying about illegal downloaders - and start concentrating on making great music.
The Chasing Pavements hitmaker has waded into the debate sparked by Lily Allen last month (Sep09) when the Smile singer urged the record industry to take a stand against online file-sharing.
Other rockers joined Allen's crusade, insisting the illicit trading of albums on the internet is harming the chances of new acts breaking through.
But Adele is adamant tackling the problem is not a high priority - and musicians should concentrate on their music.
She says, "I'm either/or when it comes to downloading. My main worry is my next record and I think every debut artist should worry more about their second album than whether people will buy it or not.
"People can listen to it for free and then they'll come and see you live. I know I'll get in trouble for that now. Sorry, Lily."