Adele was rooting for Mumford & Sons to win at the Brit Awards tonight (15.02.11).

The UK singer was backing the folk group – who took home the night's biggest award, Mastercard British Album of the year, for their debut 'Sigh No More' – because their record reminds her of her breakup with her ex-boyfriend, which in turn influenced her latest album, '21'

The 'Rolling In The Deep' hitmaker told Absolute Radio: "I'm rooting for Mumford & Sons. I love everyone else but they're my favourites. "That Mumford record was me and my Ex's album. If it wasn't for that album I don't think I'd be as emotionally drained as I am and not as emotionally exhausted and not been able to write this album.

"So I've got to be a bit thankful really cos it's doing really well!"

When asked if she would like to work with the group, Adele added: "Absolutely! I think I've told them that too."

The 22-year-old singer also captivated the audience at London's The O2 venue with a performance of her new single 'Someone Like You', and admitted she has had to give up some of her vices to keep her voice in top condition.

She explained: "I've given up smoking. I got laryngitis, I'd still be smoking if I could. I loved smoking. Not trying to encourage it or anything but I loved it.

"And I don't really drink any more because I used to put my foot in it too much, but it agitates your throat. I had a good reason to give up though."