You'd probably be able to predict this yourselves, even though one of the answers - at least- should beggar belief given that it first came out towards the beginning of last year, but the biggest-selling single and album at the midway point of 2012 in the US are Gotye's 'Somebody I Used To Know' and Adele's '21'.
The two artists have been dominant in 2012 even though both released their respective singles and albums last year. Gotye's name has grown and grown largely thanks to the success of the video for the song, which has now clocked up over 270 million views on Youtube - a crazy figure. As a result the song itself has sold 5.5 million copies, according to Billboard. Gotye's success went beyond the US and he also found himself at number one spot during the winter in the UK.
For Adele the success of '21' just keeps coming, with the album now having notched up over 22 million sales worldwide - a phenomenal total. This year in the States she's managed to add to the 5 million or so sales she made last year with another 3.7 million making it by some distance the only album to top 1 million sales in 2012, with Lionel Richie's surprise success 'Tuskagee' reaching figures of 912,000.